Key Features

Quality Circuit Assembly has been providing contract manufacturing solutions in Silicon Valley since 1988. The decision to outsource the manufacturing process to an external vendor is never an easy one, and it is never taken lightly. There are several benefits however that provide distinct advantages which are summarized below.

Extensive Experience in Manufacturing

We have built up considerable experience providing manufacturing solutions geared to the precise needs of our customers. This experience spans many different technologies and many different market sectors. We have very specific expertise with industrial equipment, gaming, scientific instrumentation, medical device and semi-conductor capital equipment markets.

Wide Range Capability

The range of services that we offer are such that we can undertake the entire manufacturing process to provide a complete “one stop shop” capability. The enables ease of management and communication and results in vendor management being reduced to a single source. Whatever the requirement, we are able to develop an appropriate solution to compliment a customer’s existing capability. This in turn allows companies to purely focus on their own core strengths, leading to increased efficiency and improved business performance.

Established Processes & Infrastructure

Continued investment in new equipment, technology and processes means that we continue to meet the rapidly changing demands of our customers. In many cases companies cannot justify the spend, either capital outlay or the overhead of skilled operatives to run these processes. Outsourcing to a skilled external provider results in a highly cost effective solution.

Flexible Resource

A partnership with QCA provides flexibility. Flexibility to meet seasonal demand, fluctuation in workload and the ability to provide Kanban inventory programs all add up to on time delivery and reduced warehousing costs.

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