Product Testing

Box build, or systems integration, is an electromechanical assembly process. It includes constructing, installing, and routing cables and wire harnesses. It can include printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) in an enclosure like a cabinet or complex electro-mechanical system.

Why product testing

Box builds can get complex, with dozens of parts that must be tested before going to market. Here are some of the components in a typical box build assembly:

  • Components and sub-assemblies
  • Custom tooling and fixtures
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Product Configuration
  • Routing of Cabling or Wire Harnesses,
  • Software Loading and
  • Sub-Level Product Assembly
  • System Level Assembly
  • Traceability

Box builds testing is an important part of the manufacturing process. You want to ensure that all parts work as expected under different scenarios and environments.

Industries that depend upon fully functional box build assemblies include medical, aerospace, transportation, and energy, where there is little room or forgiveness for error.

We Offer a Full Range of Box Builds Product Testing

Quality Circuit Assembly provides testing for simple to complex constructions customized for your products and industry.

We can provide tests at every stage of the design and manufacturing process, customized to exacting specifics for the industry and customer.

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