Box Builds and Mechanical Assembly

The beauty of our manufacturing capability is the ability to produce a completed product. Box build solutions typically focus on high complexity, high quality products with degrees of configuration and integration prior to delivery. We can also create custom Kanban inventory program to deliver precisely the right amount of product at precisely the right time.

Box Build

We have considerable experience in contract manufacturing with the bulk of the products that we ship supplied as complete turnkey solutions. Our skills not only include PCB assembly but also extend to electro-mechanical assembly, electro-optical assembly and cable and harness assembly.


We have the ability to fully test product prior to release. Where necessary, we can create and perform functional tests to ensure ongoing product compliance.

Warehousing and Logistics

Our systems are designed to respond to rapidly changing customer demands. Kanban and pull type scheduling and finished product management can be implemented to ensure a maximized product flow is maintained.

Relationship Management

We have considerable experience in managing ongoing relationships with our customers. The relationship is core to our business activity and geared to drive optimum individual customer requirements.

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