High Volume Production

If your company needs high volume production for printed circuit boards (PCBs), consider the expertise, quality, and breadth we offer at Quality Circuit Assembly.

No project is too large for us to accept. Our facilities fulfill high volume requests on time and within budget, using the same careful quality control we put in place for smaller, same-day turnaround projects.

10,000-Plus PCB Production

Just about every forecaster says the market will continue to call for more products—particularly smartphones and other mobile devices—and we’re ready to handle your high-volume requests for quality PCBs.

Our facilities are prepared to respond to requests for 10,000 or more PCBs. We have a large manufacturing space devoted to production.

  • We use the latest technologies to ensure orders are prepared in line with our client’s specifications, after review by our quality evaluation processes to make sure nothing is overlooked.
  • We offer a lead or lead-free process for all of your assembly needs.
  • We perform mid and post-production inspections using 3D SPI (solder paste inspection coming soon), AOI (automated optical inspection), and X-ray to ensure the highest quality and consistent throughput to meet our customers’ needs.
    • We can develop unique assembly and testing procedures to meet your specific requirements or for more complicated processes.

Highest Reputation for Quality

Quality Circuit Assembly is one of just 75 contract manufacturers worldwide that Underwriters Laboratory has approved for PCB assembly.

  • ISO-9001:2015
  • ISO-13485
  • ITAR Certified
  • AS9100 Certified

Call us today for a quote. Our offices are open weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm Pacific Time.

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