Conformal Coating

Used widely across the military, aerospace, medical, and industrial fields, Conformal Coating protects printed circuit boards (PCBA’s) from Harsh environments including Humidity, extreme temperatures, Corrosive materials, contamination, and mechanical stresses to provide better reliability and longer life cycle of electronic assemblies.

Conformal coating is applied by hand, spraying, or robotic coating machine to provide a protective layer on the assembly where needed while keeping away from critical locations not to be coated. Our PVA Delta 6 automated dispense and coating machine features state of the art valving and mechanics to aid in our customers’ demands and timing.

Popular Types of Conformal Coatings

We provide the most popular materials regularly, such as Acrylics, Silicones, and Urethanes, but we are also able to adapt to our customers’ needs as they arise

We can recommend appropriate coatings based on field application information, like environmental exposure, temperatures, and compatibility with mating parts and products.

Conformal Coating Application Methods

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