Prototype Quickturn

Wire cables and harnesses can be from very basic to extremely complex. Nothing is too basic or highly advanced for our seasoned team of technicians and engineers.

If your company is in the process of redesigning or creating a new kind of wire cable or harness, you need a manufacturing partner who is ready to support this effort. We offer our expertise in supporting design prototypes and ensuring quick turnaround time for your initiative.

Expert Prototype Support

We are here to help turn your ideas into reality. Our prototype manufacturing services support every step of the process up to introducing your new product.

  • We maintain materials on site for your prototype construction and have access to a supply chain that lets us the source for materials from around the globe.
  • An extensive vendor base and superior supply chain management give us access to materials from around the world.
  • Access to offshore sources gives customers more options to balance individual cost with quality requirements.
  • We develop accurate cost models to give customers preliminary cost and pricing data.

Fast Turnaround for Product/Prototype Delivery

Prototypes should not take weeks to produce! We focus on fast turnarounds without sacrificing quality in the process.

Because we specialize in providing production volumes for cables and harnesses designed to fit the ever-changing of fast-paced development and revision changes, we understand how to achieve on-time quality at any level of demand.

We use economies of scale recognized in our other services to make prototype delivery affordable.

Call us today to discuss your quick turnaround requirements!

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