We provide a full and complete cable and harness turnkey manufacturing and assembly services

All Services Begin With Design Review

Some customers come to us with their designs, while others ask for assistance.

We will work with you to check over your existing designs and make sure it is thorough and meets all required specifications–including your own.

Or we sit down and review with you the requirements you need for a custom design.
Regardless of who produces the product blueprint, you begin the process knowing that we will create and assemble a top-quality product for you, whether it’s a true prototype, large order, or something in between.

Cable and Harness Manufacturing Considerations

We will review with you what materials are recommended for your cable and/or harness orders while keeping costs under control. Here are a few observations about cables:

  • Conductors can often be smaller than initially expected, but are sometimes more expensive to produce.
  • Connectors must be sturdy enough to withstand anticipated stressors.
  • Jacketing and insulation are all important factors for a cable’s durability. We carry a wide range of materials to cover your cable.

In-House Cable and Harness Service and Supply

Because we are a turnkey operation, we provide both materials and services in-house.

This lets us respond quickly to additional services you may want, such as testing. By keeping the product in-house, we can control quality and cost throughout the process.

We continually strive for excellence, quality improvement, and efficiency as we maintain ISO 9001:2015, ISO-13485, ITAR and AS9100 quality certifications. Read more about our certifications.

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