Product Testing

Quality Circuit Assembly can implement specific tests for printed circuit boards (PCBs) as required by our customers.

Why test PCBs? Put simply, anything electronic can develop glitches. For this reason, we believe it’s a good practice to incorporate testing throughout the design and production stages and debug prior to shipping. This saves valuable time to our customers.

Design-stage PCB testing. We can implement testing provided by our customers on site to save shipping time and charges during the engineering stages as well as into mass production.

Functional testing (one of the post-production PCB testing), is sometimes preferred to in-circuit testing because it is done with the PCB powered up and can test for additional functions like oscillator frequency and currents. Many customers set up test equipment onsite at QCA so that debugging can be done immediately after production prior to shipping.

We’d be happy to address your specific needs and make sure everything runs smoothly. Reach out to our team at QCA.

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