Cable and harnesses are key to electronics in every industry. It isn’t unusual for customers to occasionally need very high volume production with tight turnaround times.

Will I Need High Volume Production Services?

If your business supplies cables and harnesses, you want to be prepared for a surge in demand. We know a few scenarios that can trigger this.

  1. Replace worn-out or damaged equipment. Not many companies change out cables on a regular basis. They’re considered durable products (and rightly so), but like any product, they will age and show wear and tear over time. It isn’t until performance is impacted that someone notices the cable is looking a little ragged after 10 years.
    Plus, one storm can change everything. Water-logged cables are often rendered useless or ineffective. Insurance adjusters will want to replace everything in the event of a disaster. If there has been a disaster, everything needs to be replaced to remain within the code. There will be a demand for more of everything, including cables and harnesses as well.
  2. Blockbuster product outstrips stock. This is a problem everyone hopes to have. If a product’s introduction goes really well, suppliers need fast, high volume production and turnaround to keep their customers happy.
  3. Design changes. Existing supplies may not fit new changes in product design and requirements. Cables are easily overlooked, and suppliers could find themselves scrambling. You want to be able to fulfill your own orders with as little delay as possible.

We will work with you to check over your existing designs and make sure it is thorough and meets all required specifications–including your own.

Or we sit down and review with you the requirements you need for a custom design.
Regardless of who produces the product blueprint, you begin the process knowing that we will create and assemble a top-quality product for you, whether it’s a true prototype, large order, or something in between.

Benefits From Choosing High Volume Production

A major main benefit for choosing high volume production is the volume discount: the more product is produced, the lower the per-cost charges.

In addition, we can accept pre-orders as far out as 12 months. Scheduling regular high volume production runs allow you to support budgeting and cost forecasts.

Contact us today to review your own production needs for the upcoming year.

In-House Cable and Harness Service and Supply

Quality Circuit Assembly delivers expert cable and harness design and manufacture for virtually any volume, maintaining flexibility to changing needs and demands.

Cables and harnesses are often produced various volumes to optimize in high volume to achieve cost savings and efficiency., but there are times when the low volume (or small batch) let QCA help you decide the volume of production is the more appropriate choice.

Why Choose Low Volume Production Services?

Low volume various production levels can also be used to broaden options. A cable supplier may not need to stock high volumes for every type of cable, particularly custom cables for specialized jobs that may also undergo frequent design modifications.

Finally, customizing low volume production volume also allows a new cable or harness design to deliver a new prototype for pilot testing or to quickly get to market. Both cases are opportunities to get more diverse feedback than what is obtained from focus groups. Feedback from diverse sources is important for future design concepts or necessary corrections before a wider release.

Quality Circuit Assembly is low volume experts. Our services provide the highest quality for fast turn around, low volume production for wire cables and harnesses. They include:

  • Strong customer focus and support for just in time inventory, target costs, and turnaround time goals
  • Same-day and walk-in services for some first article or prototype modifications
  • Cutting-edge technologies and equipment
  • Focus on continuous improvement

Finally, we are ISO-9001:2015, ISO-13485, ITAR and AS9100 certified.

Contact us today about our specialized low volume services.

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