PHOENIX, Ariz., Jan. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — Alpine 4 Technologies (OTCQB:ALPP) announced today that it has begun two pilots of SPECTRUMebos, a blockchain Enterprise Business Operating System, in its subsidiaries Quality Circuit Assembly, Inc. and ALTIA, LLC.

SPECTRUMebos is an Enterprise Business Operating System (EBOS) developed by Alpine 4 Technologies that combines the key technology software components of Accounting and Financial Reporting of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), a Document Management System (DMS), a Business Intelligence (BI) platform and a Customer Resource Management (CRM) hub which are all tethered to a management reporting and collaboration toolset.  SPECTRUMebos embeds itself in a robust blockchain ledger system so that security and authenticity of transactions remain static.  These tools help drive real-time information in two directions; first, to the front lines by empowering customer facing stakeholders and second, back to management for planning, problem solving and integration.

Kent B. Wilson, CEO, had this to say, “SPECTRUMebos’s enterprise-grade distributed ledger platform helps increase business manageability and transparency on a secure and intelligent system.  It is anticipated that Alpine 4’s SPECTRUMebos will be a pivotal solution for small and mid-cap public sector companies as it pertains to operating their businesses and complying with the scrutiny of public filings.”

Ian Kantrowitz, Director of IR, had this to say, “We believe that the coupling of blockchain technology with SPECTRUMebos will revolutionize the way companies do business. At Alpine 4, we believe the implementation of breakthrough technologies like this, will increasingly lead to shareholder value.”

Alpine 4 anticipates concluding its pilots by the end of Q2 2018, and then will gear up to deploy the SPECTRUMebos system for external customers by 2019.

You can learn more about SPECTRUMebos in the Uptick Newswire Interview with Alpine 4’s CEO Kent Wilson.

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Contact: Ian Kantrowitz, Director of Investor Relations

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 Kent Wilson, CEO