Silicone & Acrylic Options


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) need protection from the elements, even when they seem to be pretty securely enclosed within a tower, laptop, or mobile device.

Conformal coatings are essential to extend PCB lifespan and performance, particularly for mobile devices that get exposed to a lot of environmental hazards including extreme temperatures and moisture.

Conformal Coating Extends PCB Performance and Lifespan

PCBs are covered with conformal coatings to add a layer of protection and prevent corrosion. We recommend silicon coatings for mobile devices and acrylic coatings for larger electronics that generally stay in one place.

  • Silicone coatings hold up well against extreme temperatures and are very resistant to corrosion caused by high humidity. They hold up well against other chemicals that may accidentally contact them. Most of all, they form strong bonds on just about every component and materials used in PCBs.
  • Acrylic coatings are suitable for PCBs that will be enclosed in stable components like TVs.They’re inexpensive and easy to apply and remove if repairs are necessary. They’re also quite affordable compared to other coating options.

All PCBs Are Exposed to Potentially Damaging Elements

All PCBs are exposed to the elements around their cases.

The electronics in a home or office are constantly bombarded by dust. Most buildings also have changes in indoor temperatures and humidity that can affect electronics.

Plus, no matter how often people are warned, they will spill something on delicate equipment that can reach PCBs and other internal components.

Now consider mobile devices. Once they are taken out their cases to use—and many are used almost every moment their owners are awake—their parts face a pretty dirty world. The PCBs inside them are often smaller and more delicate than those in larger, stable devices, making them more vulnerable even as they pass through different temperatures, humidity levels, and pollutants.

Other options outside of silicon and acrylic are available upon request. Call us today for a consultation if you need help choosing the coating that will work best for your PCBs.

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